lnformation centre on Coronavirus (cOVID-19)



During the CoVID-19 pandemic, our highest priority remains the safety and wellbeing of our staff, customers, and business partners.Butit's also vitaly important that CHIQUITA Logistics enables its customers' businesses to continue operating as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Lately, various countries have started to open up the lock-down, allowing businesses to start again under strict sanitzing requirements. Within CHIQUITA ogistics' Crisis Management Plan we have introduced the next step of de-confinement and have slowly started to bring employees back to work to the office, (including sites and warehouses). Our priority is to keep employees healthy and safe, as such, we have been planning resource requirements for workplaces but also training on how to conduct themselves at work and whilst commuting.

We will continue to monitor the situations daily and review the operational status. The appointed central points of contact for escalations allows us redeploy resources from other business areas where necessary. We are confident that our approach will enable us to keep our finger on the pulse of the daily business, communicate quickly and effectively, and react swifty to changing scenarios.

In this extremely challenging logistics landscape, CHIQUITA Logistics is working hard to circumvent pinch-points with viable service alternatives -such as air charters - that will enable its customers throughout the world to keep the global economy moving. CHIQUITA ogistics will continue to leverage its global network,its expert and hardworking workforce, its preferential carrier relationships and its innovation to support customers like you through the difficult months ahead.