We are committed to preparing the supply chains of the future.


Our Group’s mission is to contribute to sustainable globalization through better balanced economic trade that fosters both economic and social development while respecting the integrity of all men and women and the planet. The Group’s Sustainability Policy is based on 3 pillars: Acting for People, Planet and Responsible Trade.

Acting For People

“Acting for People” by ensuring the protection and professional development of our staff members and by supporting social innovations to local communities.

Acting For Planet

“Acting for Planet”, by preserving air quality, fighting climate change and accelerating the energy transition of our industry in order to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 while preserving marine biodiversity.

Acting For Responsible Trade

“Acting for Responsible Trade”, by promoting responsible International trade through strict compliance with existing laws and regulations, so that our Group sets an example in our business with the development of resilient, innovative and sustainable services.


We Take Responsibility By Striving For Sustainability


We are committed to operate in a sustainable manner that creates value for our customers, employees, investors, communities and other stakeholders. Our commitment to sustainability is visible at every stage of the value chain. Through a series of actions, we aim to achieve the objective: maximizing long-term value creation while minimizing waste and costs.


We believe that sustainability is everyone’s job and that it is the foundation of good management practice, contributing to the long-term success of the company and better risk-adjusted returns for customers.


Our sustainability focus areas are closely linked to our business objectives, and include the following themes: workplace, Marketplace, Environment and Communities, with Ethical business practices being at the centre of our approach.


Ethical Business Practices


We are committed to conducting our business in full compliance with all applicable legal and regulatory requirements while observing the highest ethical standards. Our Code of Business Conduct sets out the principles, ethics and values by which CHIQUITA does business.


Workplace – Our People


Attracting and retaining the best talents, providing them professional experience, expertise and career development opportunities is essential part of our strategy, as our success is made possible by our employees.

Marketplace – Value Chain


As we work with a large number of suppliers, it is important to create close and collaborative relationship with them and to ensure that they deliver service standards that satisfy the needs of both our business and the customers.

Environmental Responsibility


We incorporate environmental considerations in a variety of areas of operations, from warehousing, to transportation and procurement.

Community Engagement


Being present globally, we have a broad reach and responsibility in the communities. We enrich and support societies through what we do best: logistics and transportation services.


We Are Committed To Preserving The Planet


we are committed to preserving the planet



Powering Future Flying In A More Sustainable Way.

United Airlines'Eco-Skies Alliance is a first of its kind program involving leading global corporations working with the airline to power future flying in a more sustainable way.



Four Core Values Shared By Our Associates


Four core values shared by our associates



Shipping Globally, Working Cally


Shipping globally, working locally