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Rapid development, challenging and constantly changing-air transport inspires us to be innovative and flexible, and strive to provide you with the most suitable service. Global production capacity and demand may change in the blink of an eye. We are committed to providing stable and reliable services to maintain the integrity of your supply chain. Whether your cargo is flying in the belly of a commercial aircraft or you need a professional freighter to transport them, our team of air transport experts will provide tailor-made solutions to solve your business challenges. From Alaska to Zanzibar, and anywhere in between, please contact your Chiquita Air Transport Specialist-they just need to click or call. Global or regional-When you need air freight services, CHIQUITA can provide a series of products and a variety of speed options to precisely meet your requirements. We have an experienced team of air freight experts ready to work with you to ensure that your goods are delivered on time and in the best condition.

Our Difference

Our team of experienced and skilled air transport experts ensures that we can provide fast and reliable solutions under any circumstances. At the height of the global COVID-19 crisis, Chiquita Logistics can organize multiple intercontinental air bridges and represent more than 280 charter flights to meet the urgent needs of various industries and governments.


We build the perfect air freight solution to match your needs.

Air Value


Our cost-effective air freight service for when you have alittle more time - 96 hours+

The easy choice when you need the speed and reliability of airfreight but transit time to destination is notcrucial. Operated as our consolidation service to provideyou with a highly cost-competitive option.